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Welcome to the first post on my blog! From here on, I'm going to share what I learned while doing my software projects and also post other stuffs that interest me. If you have interest on the topic that you are reading, be sure to check my other posts too. Enjoy reading!

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This is actually the second blog site that I made, the previous one was running WordPress CMS with Apache server on AWS EC2 instance. I had to stop the instance because my free tier on AWS expired and I prefer not to stack up the bills with my other currently running instances, since I could use another free and fast hosting platform for my blog. Why not?

On this Introductory post I'm going to talk about the reason why I changed my site framework entirely.

The blog that you are accessing right now is running on Gatsby, a fast React Framework that I connect to Netlify CMS to ease up my writing and hosts it on their server. There are many of reasons on why I changed framework.

One of the reason is because of speed increase when loading my site, that you might have noticed, when you first open my site. This is because the whole site is a static webpage that uses a JavaScript library called React (developed by Facebook). React uses reusable components efficiently that's why I love it. Below is the screenshot of the result when scanning my website on GTmetrix.

GTmetrix result

The other reason is, since my website being hosted on Netlify, they have CI/CD feature included, which means every time I push any changes to my GitHub, it automatically pulls and deploys my site right there and then. And if I were to deploy a fail build, Netlify hosting would notice it and would not pull my fail build site and rather uses the last working deploy. I can't have an error build on my site ever! so I don't need to worry about screwing up my site. ain't that something?

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